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The principles underlying agile development are:

a) Individual and interactions over processes and tools. By taking advantages of individual skills and ability and by ensuring that the development team knows what each other are doing, the overheads of formal communication and process assurance are avoided. This means that the team can focus on the development of working software.


b) Working software over comprehensive documentation. This contributes to accelerated development because time is not spent developing, checking and managing documentation. Rather, the programmer’s time is focused on the development and testing of code.


c) Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Rather than spending time developing, analyzing and negotiating requirements to be included in a system contract, agile developers argue that it is more effective to get feedback from customer’s directly during the development about what is required. This allows useful functionality to be developed and delivered earlier than would be possible if contracts were required.


d) Responding to change over following a plan. Agile developers argue (rightly) that being responsive to change is more effective than following a plan-based process because change is inevitable whatever process is used. There is significant overhead in changing plans to accommodate change and the inflexibility of a plan means that work may be done that is later discarded.

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