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Over the years there have been a lot of of popular software development process employed in the development of systems with each one having it's unique features as well as advantage, but when it comes to the development of softwares using generic software approaches the waterfall model is one of the best.

Waterfall model:  waterfall model is one of the earliest software development process, it enables the arrangement of tasks within the project as it follows a linear sequence of steps that depict a waterfall with each stage/step leading off into the next, meaning the next phase cannot begin without concluding the previous one.

Reasons: For a project such as an accounting system, a project manager can structure activities for each individual, tasks are also easily broken down, deadlines are met, it enables users to determine the outcome even before the project completion since each phase has a clear objective, it also happens to be simple and clear in terms of usage when it comes to development of softwares.

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