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The most popular wireless Internet access technologies today are

1. Wireless LAN

2. Wide-area wireless access network

Wireless LAN:

• Wireless LAN use radio transmissions to send data.

• In Wireless LAN, users can transmit data within a radius of few tens of meters.

• The base station of the Wireless LAN is connected to the wired Internet and thus connects the users to the wired Internet.

• Wireless LAN is used for home access, business offices, schools, and universities.

• Example of Wireless LAN is Wi-Fi.

Wide-area wireless access network:

• Wide-area wireless access network use wireless infrastructure used for cellular telephony to send data.

• In Wide-area wireless access network, users can transmit data within a radius of tens of kilometers of the base station.

• Mainly mobile users use wide-area wireless access network.

• Example of Wide-area wireless access network: 3G and 4G.

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