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A Software can become phased out even when it is of high business value and high quality, what does it mean for a software to be of high quality? software that meets customers satisfaction can be said to be of high quality. none the less there are certain situations that might cause a software t go obsolete.

1. Lack of maintenance from the developers.  This might be due to company going of business and therefore abandoning the software.

2.Poor user experience. User experience may refer to the total experience of a person while using a software. Note that the software may be satisfactory in terms of functionality, but poor in UI design.

3. Poor communication between the users and developers

Other reasons why a software may become phased out are

1. Technological obsolescence: This when the software tools used to build the system has become old and is no longer supported or in use.

2. Functional obsolescence: The system does not meet the requirements to function and run properly on modern computers.

3. Logistical obsolescence:  Datatypes and file formats outputted by the software are no longer readable.

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