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There are various means of comprehension that go hand in hand when it comes to how the human brain is able to understand concepts, ideas and learn.   Some of means a child could use to comprehend these animals may include;

  • Learning by Association
  • Predicting
  • Question   
  • Making inference
  • Visualizing

Learning by association: This simply means that we associate possible outcomes to situations based on already occurring activities, example of this will be if “Whenever John packs his bags, then he is travelling” The association here is that if john is packing then he must be about to travel.

Predicting: Machines in the field of artificial intelligence also use similar method when it comes to process analyzing and decision making, prediction based on past knowledge of already processed dataset enable machine using machine learning to be able to associate outcome and make decision based on similar dataset given but not already encountered.

Making inference: The process of making inference is based on the combination of what the child might have read, what the child already knows from prior knowledge and use this to make a guess of “What IS” or what should be.

Visualizing: This is a key element that the child will use in comprehension of this marine creatures. The method of visualizing involves active image generation of what these animals might look like in the mind of the child, based on the already given parameters and also any previous knowledge.

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