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The following is the list of five tasks that a layer can perform:

1. Flow control

2. Error control

3. Segmentation and reassembly

4. Multiplexing

5. Connection setup

Flow control: Managing the data flow between the two or more devices (computers, nodes in a network etc.) to handle the data efficiently is known as flow control.

Error control: Identifying and correcting the errors that occur in transmission of data is known as error control.

Segmentation and reassembly: The process of dividing the data to be transmitted into small chunks for convenience to transfer the data is known as segmentation. Joining the chunks to form the original data is known are reassembling.

Multiplexing: The process of combining digital data streams in one signal over a shared medium is known as multiplexing.

Connection setup: The process of establishing a connection between two devices (computers, nodes in a network etc.) that are connected in a network is known as connection setup.

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