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A wireless network card acts as a receiver that can sense wireless signals and log on to wireless networks. This can allow computers to share information and common resources such as printers, scanners and other devices, as well as share an Internet connection over longer distances than may be practical for a wired connection. Wireless networks also allow for connectivity through physical obstructions like walls or even between two buildings where using wires to physically connect computers would be difficult.

Benefits : The primary benefit of using a wireless network card is the convenience of being able to share resources and access the Internet without being tied down by cables. When connected to a wireless network, a computer can be moved around without losing the connection so long as it stays within a close proximity to the wireless access point. Many public locations offer free wireless Internet access, such as coffee shops or hotels.

Types : Some desktop computers come with wireless cards installed internally, in a standard PCI expansion slot. Most modern laptop computers have built-in wireless cards. For computers that lack built-in wireless cards, USB wireless cards serve as a quick way to add wireless functionality. 

Network size : Whereas wired connections are usually limited by the number of cables available and the number of ports that exist on routers, with wireless networks there does not need to be a limit to how many network cards can connect to the Internet through a given access point.

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