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Fundamental principles of software remains relevant to all types of software system

A set of programming instructions which are executed to perform a specific task as per the requirements of user is known as software. Each software has some basic principles to follow. These principles include managements of user requirements, platform dependability, development process definition, updating and maintenance.

These principles are same for both generic and customized software. The points to show the reasons are as given below:

• The process of requirement gathering is required in both generic and customized software.

• A document to define the development process is required in all type of software application.

• Updating is required in each type of software. For doing so, new version of each type of software is released.

• Maintenance is an important part of software development. It is required in each type of application development.

• Software has some minimum requirements to execute. So, platform dependability is considered in all software development.

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