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Interdependent design activities

Design of any software is very important activity. It includes design of database, design of various components, user interface design and design of architecture.

Consider an example of library management system and know how these design activities are interdependent.

1. Design of architecture: In this designing phase, the system’s overall structure is defined. It also defines the distribution and relationship between principle components of the system.

• Design architecture of Library management describes the overall structure of library. It includes students who have access to library, library administrative department and books regarding to various departments etc.

• Therefore, to issue a book from the library, these components must be communicated with each other.

2. Design of database: The structure of database with their respective representation is defined in this phase. Here, user has to define that he/she is going to develop a new database of using the existing database.

• This phase is very important in Library management system because, huge amount of books related to different departments are stored in the database.

• Students are allowed borrow the book with their credentials and need to submit it as per the rules of library administrator.

• The management must be consistent when books borrowed and returned from the database.

• If the database is well designed, then it is easy to search and maintain the book information.

3. Design of interface: The interface among different components of the system is defined here. It is possible that one component is again used for any implementation in system.

• This phase defines various possible interfaces to allow and access the books to students.

• Every student has library-ID or roll number to access the books. With these credentials, student can directly go to the library and borrow the book or they may use the library web portal.

• With the use of library-ID or roll number, student can search the availability of required books, and can see the due time for submission etc.

• Therefore, interface is an important phase while designing any software.

4. Component design and their selection: The reusable components which match the requirements of new system are defined here.

• If a student requires a book which is not available in the library, administrator should check for the matching books to satisfy the student request.

• If no match is found, management must purchase a new book which is requested from the student.

Therefore, to effectively manage the library and fulfil the student requirements, library management should follow all the design activities mentioned above.

Hence, it can be said that these all are interdependent to each other.

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