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Software testing

Testing is defined as the process in which each program is tested for making sure that each program is functioning correctly. It is an incremental theatrical activity. The points to show the reasons are as given below:

1. The complete program is divided into small modules and each module is checked undependably. Then, all programs are collectively tested for unit testing.

2. After those programs are tested in group and after that whole system is tested CASE tools are used for testing the occurrence of syntax errors which are generally grammatical errors Desk checking is used for testing the occurrence of logical errors which makes a program to produce incorrect results.

3. A beta version of application is released and end user checks it.

Thus, it can be said that it is an incremental theatrical activity.

No, the programmers are not best person to test any program. The points to show the reasons are as given below:

• A programmer has skill to develop the program but they don’t have best skills to test the developed program.

• It is very difficult to find errors and mistakes in own developed program. Thus, testing should be conducted by testers and end users, so that, all possible errors can be found on easy bases.

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