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A pair of developers would produce half as much code as two individuals working alone and productivity with pair programming seems to be comparable with that of two people working independently. And the best way to pair program is to just sit side by side in front of the monitor. Slide the key board and mouse back and forth. Both programmers concentrate on the code being written.


1. Pair programming makes the code less defective.

2. It increases the communication in discussing the software before development result in fewer false starts and less rework. The number of errors avoided by the formal inspection is such that less time is spent to repairs bugs in the testing phase.

3. All code to be sent into production is created by two people working together at a single computer. Pair programming increases software quality without impacting time to deliver. It is counter intuitive, but 2 people working at a single computer will add as much functionality as two working separately except that it will be much higher in quality.

4. Pair programming encourages refactoring. The code is prone to be edited and enhanced to increase effectiveness and testing the code will output in a non biased result.

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