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Plan based approach of agile methodology

For stream lining the SDLC, the development methodology used is known as agile methodology. The plan based approach is a part of agile methodology.

The point to show the reason for including documentation and methods for large projects developed using plan based approach in a distributed development environment are as given below:

• If documentation is not provided, then, it becomes very difficult for the team members to understand the entire project.

• To document the identified progress issues obtained during monitoring of scrum program, documentation and methods for large projects development are required.

• The problems of learning, planning, and language can be identified on easy bases.

• The test automation with continuous amalgamation can be followed by the scrum team for large project development.

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1. Project Planning:

a. Essential when developing software with larger teams to ensure right people are available when needed.

b. Ensure delivery schedules are aligned

2. Requirements analysis

a. Important to decide how to distribute work across teams and ensure each team has some understanding of other teams’ work.

3. Design documentation:

a. Import so teams develop independently with having access to software under development.

4. Risk management:

a. Required to ensure all teams understand risks faced and organize their work to minimize these risks.

b. Useful to cope with different delivery schedules.

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