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Agile Methods: Agile methods are the methods which are generally used for the development of small software products. Initially, small companies were mainly adopters of these methods.

Over the past years, a lot of work has been done to evolve the agile methods for large software products.

But still it is difficult to use agile methods in a large project to develop a new information system because of the following reasons:

• Large scale systems are generally more complex and difficult to understand as compared to small scale systems.

• Large systems are generally system of systems in which separate teams are made to develop different part of the system. These teams generally work at different location. So, it is impossible for each team to have a view of complete system.

• The development processes of large scale systems are constrained by external rules and regulations. These require certain types of documentations. Thus, it takes lot of time to be processed.

• Large systems have a diverse set of stakeholders with different objectives. Thus, it is impossible to involve all the stakeholders in development process.

Hence, it is difficult to use agile methods for large project to develop a new information system that is part of an organized system of systems.

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