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Functional requirements describe what the system will do.

Ex: inputs and outputs.

Non-functional requirements describe the expectations but it is not concerned with the system.

Ex: security

While drawing up a system requirements specification, an engineer might keep track of the functional and non-functional requirements by ensuring the following:

• The requirements needed to design meets the requirements such as compatibility, portability etc.

• Design the system so that it ensures the safety and security.

• Implementing the system in an efficient manner.

• The cost and time required for the development should not affect the design and implementation of the system

Here, the non-functional requirement defines what are the expectation to get out and the user requirements.

The functional requirement defines the use of the developer knowledge.

It does not conflict with each other.

The first step is to make the Systems Requirement Document.

It is engineer responsible to prepare documents to each functional and non-functional requirement.

• The engineer needs to prepare the document depending on this; Non-functional requirements need the natural language and functional requirements need the structured language to understand better.

• It gives the matrix that shows each requirement related to each other.

• It is very difficult to manage because the functional and non-functional requirements put efforts with each other on track of relationships.

• Non-functional requirements linked with functional requirements to list, identify the system levels that have related each other.

• The engineer needs to prepare the way to link the functional to non-functional to implement it.

• The functional requirements enforce the non-functional requirements that shall be recorded and tracked.

For example,

The user needs to search for the candidate list for the interview.

- It is a functional requirement.

That the search should return all the list of candidates who are attending the interview.

- It is a non-functional requirement.

Therefore, it helps the engineer to avoid overlap and that relates to each other.

And it keeps track the relationships between functional and non-functional requirements.

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