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A requirement review is a process where a group of people read and analyze the requirements, look for problems, meet and discuss the problems and agree on actions to address these problems from the system customer and the system developer read the requirements document in detail and check for errors, anomalies, and inconsistencies. Once these have been detected and recorded it is then up to the customer and the developer to negotiate how the identified problem should be solved. The requirements are analyzed systematically by a team of reviewers who check for errors and inconsistencies. A group of people read and analyze the requirements look for problems, meet and discuss the problems agree on action to address problems.

Reviews should involve a number of stakeholders from different backgrounds.

- People from different backgrounds bring different skills and knowledge to the review

- Stakeholders feel involved in the process and develop an understanding of the needs of other stakeholders.

- Review team should always involve at least a domain expert and an end-user.

Reviewer’s stakeholders driving the system requirements stakeholders in the supply chain stakeholders within the solution team stakeholders receiving the solution stakeholders driving the business.

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