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You have been asked to prepare and deliver a presentation to a nontechnical manager to justify the hiring of a system architect for a new project. Write a list of bullet points setting out the key points in your presentation in which you explain the importance of software architecture.

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In order to justify the hiring of a system architect for a new project, below are some key points you can use to in your explanation to explain the importance of this decision:

• System architecture is concerned with understanding how a system should be organized and the overall structure of the system to be designed.

• Software architecture is important because it affects the performance, robustness, distributability, and maintainability of a system.

• The non functional requirements depend on the system architecture – the way in which these components are organized and communicate.

• Various non-functional requirements on which the architectural style and structure of the system depends are performance, security, safety, availability, and maintainability.

• Architectural design is creative processes where you design a system organization that will satisfy the functional and non- functional requirements of a system.

• Because architectural design is a creative process, the background and experience of the system architect, and the specific requirements for the system.

• During the architectural design process, system architects have to make a number of structural decisions that profoundly affect the system and its development process.

• Based on the knowledge and experience of the system architect, various aspects about the system such as architectural patterns, design, approach used to structure the system etc are to be considered.

As the software architecture is the fundamental framework for structuring the system, it is to be designed carefully, by considering various factors. So, an experienced system architect would help in designing the system.

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