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Conflicts of Availability and Security Requirements

Generally, the most non-functional requirements for design system architecture as follows:

• Performance

• Safety

• Security

• Availability

• Maintainability

While design an architecture, it may arise conflicts in security and availability requirement cases in above non-functional requirements.

The reasons as follows:

• The system architecture disturbs the robustness, maintainability and performance of a system. The particular style and structure preferred for an application may consequently depend on these requirements.

• In Security requirement, the architecture must be used layered structure in a security requirement. It is an extraordinary level of security validation applied to these layers.

• In availability requirement, the architecture must be considered to terminate components and so that it is probable to change and edit components without preventing the system.

• The security and availability are critical requirements. But the major architectural conflict occurred between replication and several copies in availability requirement and security requirement conflict occurred between specialization and minimal copies. So, design conflicts might arise whether a layered structure or redundant components are used when designing an architecture.

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