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Configuration management is essential when a team of people are cooperating to develop software. Because it is the process of managing changes to evolving software system, Main aim of configuration management is to support the system integration process so that all developers can access the project code and documents in a controlled way, find out what changes have been made, and compile and link components to create a system. It follows some of activities like Version management, System integration and Problem tracking.


When something goes wrong with a new version of a system, it may be able to go back to a working version of the system or component.


If a new version of software is created, there is a significant change in functionality, technology, or the hardware is runs on, etc. On the other hand a new revision of software refers to minor bug fix in that software.

Here, one version of a mathematical computation package might run on Unix-based machines, another on Microsoft Windows and so on. As software is released and used by the customer, errors are discovered that need correction. Enhancements to the functionalities of the software is an improves system intended to replace an old one.

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