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Advantages of high level languages

  • Similar to human language, they are easy to understand and use.
  • Easy to code and debug
  • They focus more on the complex arithmetic operations and optimal program efficiency 
  • Results in better programming efficiency 

Disadvantages of high level languages

  • It needs to be converted to machine language 
  • They are slower compared to low level language
  • Do not communicate directly with hardware

Advantages of Assembly Language

·   Writing a program with this language is easy to understand because it used mnemonic codes and symbolic addresses such as ADD means Addition, SUB means Subtraction, LD means Load etc.

·   Writing a program with this language is not as tedious as writing machine language

·   Writing a program with this language is not as time consuming as writing with machine language.

Disadvantages of Assembly Language

·    Assembly language is machine specific. This means that only computers made by the same manufacturer can use a common assembly language

·    Programs written on one computer may not necessarily work on another computer.

Advantages of machine language:

·   It is very easy for the programs written in this language to be processed by the computer

·   The processing time for machine learning is very fast.

Disadvantages of machine learning:

·   It takes a lot of time to write this type of language

·   It is very expensive to write

·   It is usually full of errors

·   It is very hard for humans to understand which makes it difficult to debug

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