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The table below highlights the differences between E-mail and Instant Messaging.

Differences between e-mail and instant messaging
S/NoE-mail (Electronic Mail)IM (Instant Messaging)
1.Email is short for Electronic MailIM is short for Instant Messaging
2.Messages are transmitted from the sender's computer to the server and from there to the recipients' server from where it can either be viewed or downloadedUsers need to be logged in to the server before messages can be transmitted
3.Email may be read independent of the software that was used to create itIM requires the users to use the same client
4.Emails can be viewed at a later time when the recipient downloads and views itIn IM, the messages are displayed on the recipients' computer instantly
5.Recipients may not be online when the message is sent or receivedRecipients in IM must be online to receive message.

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