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Scenario-based analysis of wilderness weather station system:

The weather station is composed of independent subsystem that communicates by broad casting messages on a conman infrastructure. Weather stations collect data from a set of instruments that measure temperature and pressure, sunshine, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction.

The weather station includes a number of instruments that measure weather parameters such as the wind speed and direction, the ground and air temperatures, the barometric pressure and the rainfall over a 24-hour period. Each of these instruments is controlled by a software system that takes parameter readings periodically and manages the data collected from the instruments.

Steps for testing:

1. Identify the objects, attributes and methods.

2. Understand about the interactions between the system and its environment.

3. Check the data processing and transmits ground thermometers, an anemometer, a wind vane a barometer and a rain gauge.

4. Check the major components that make up the system and their interactions, and then may organize the components using an architectural pattern such as a layered or client- server model.

5. Check whether the command is issued to transmit the weather data, the weather station processes and summaries the collected data .the summation data is transmitted to the mapping computer when a request is received.

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