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• Stress testing is a prominent method in software engineering, which is used to test the system by increasing the load on the system and push the system's limits and notify how it reacts, the user needs it to decrease the load slowly but do not crash the system.

• It is a system is intentionally loaded to test its failure behavior for the form of performance testing. It is a high concurrency resource.

• Simply it is a “fail-soft” rather than collapse under its overloading.

The Mentcare system is a client-server system. This system is used to maintains and manages details of patients data.

The following points are Stress test the Mentcare system:

• It is many possibilities to clinics access at the same time.

• Many numbers of data records stored in the system.

• Encryption and decryption of particular patient records in the system and same as accept downloading and uploading the records.

• It can simulate by using IBM Rational performance tester.

• Scheduling the home visit and prompting the call system.

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