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A common approach to system testing is to test the system until the testing budget is exhausted and then deliver the system to customers. Discuss the ethics of this approach for systems that are delivered to external customers.

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Ethics of testing the system until the testing budget is exhausted are:

• The testing may not be done satisfactorily.

• Only few methods of testing are covered with the available budget.

• Only few areas of code may be tested because of the running budget. So there may be some uncovered errors.

• The testing may not be completed in a satisfactory way by the time the budget exhausts.

• The quality of the software will be affected by the incomplete testing.

• Due to improper testing, errors may occur after delivering the project.

• It increases the costs of error correction and maintenance.

• Affects the reputation and good will.

• The customer may not be satisfied with the product as he may not get a quality product.

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