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“High quality and high business value” is the one of the legacy system categories. And it continues in operation using normal system maintenance.

In an organization, scrap is decided on local circumstances.

Where software might be scrapped and rewritten are:

1. When the cost of maintenance is high and the organization has decided to invest in new hardware. This will involve significant conversion costs anyway so the opportunity might be taken to rewrite the software.

2. When a business process is changed and new software is required to support the process.

3. When support for the tools and language used to develop the software is unavailable. This is a particular problem with early 4GLs where, in many cases, the vendors are no longer in business.

Example 1:

From a business perspective and a technical perspective in a legacy system, business perspective is decided whether or not the business really needs the system. And from a technical perspective, it assesses the quality of the application software and the system’s support software and hardware.

If it uses a combination of the business values and the system quality, then “High quality-high business value” has to be kept in this operation. Here, high quality means that it doesn’t have to invest in transformation or system replacement. Normally system maintenance should be continued.

To assess the business values of a system, you have to identify system stakeholders, such as end-users of the system and their managers, and ask a series of questions about the system i.e.:

  • The use of the system
  • The business processes that are supported
  • The system dependability
  • The system outputs

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