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Dependable software

The software which is developed using dependable process to reduce errors and to avoid failure is known as dependable software. The best example to understand the considerations for sociotechnical systems as dependable software is nuclear system used by scientists.

The dependable software is considered as sociotechnical systems because of the following reasons as given below:

• Diversity and redundancy are main component of dependable software. The diversity and redundancy are also main component of sociotechnical system. So, dependable software is considered as sociotechnical system.

• The repeatable processes are not executed on the bases of individual judgement or interpretation in dependable software. This is also main ability of sociotechnical systems. The judgement of using repeatable processes is done by team members.

• Selection of process model is done in similar way in both types of systems.

• Agile development is used in both sociotechnical systems and dependable systems.

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