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Examples of complex sociotechnical systems

The systems which are very complex and not understandable as a whole are known as sociotechnical systems. These systems are divided into layers for better understanding. Most of the systems used in government organizations are sociotechnical systems.

The examples of sociotechnical systems in government organization with reasons to not automate them in upcoming future are as given below:

1. The weather system used by government organizations is a best example of sociotechnical systems. This system is dependent to satellite communication and practical knowledge of individual about weather. This system can’t be fully automated because sometimes application program can’t read proper conditions to input data and require expert knowledge about weather.

2. The security system used to secure border of any country is also an example of sociotechnical systems. This system can’t be fully automated because; some border areas are in dispute conditions and government is not able to apply these systems over there due to some conditions.

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