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Temperature Conversion

The commonly used scales for representing temperature are the Celsius scale, denoted in °C and the Fahrenheit scale (°F). Conversion from one scale to another can be done using the following equation. 

F= (C*1.8)+32


Let us look at the algorithm, Pseudocode, and flow chart for the Temperature conversion problem. 

Algorithm in step form

Step 1: Start

Step 2: READ the value in Celsius scale as C

Step 3: Use the formula F= (C*1.8)+32 to convert Celsius scale to Fahrenheit scale

Step 4: PRINT F

Step 5: READ the value in Fahrenheit scale as F

Step 6: Use the formula C=(F-32)*1/1.8 to convert Fahrenheit scale to Celsius scale

Step 7: PRINT C

Step 8: Stop


READ Celsius value as C

COMPUTE F= (C*1.8)+32

PRINT F as Fahrenheit

READ Fahrenheit value as F

COMPUTE C=(F-32)*1/1.8

PRINT C as Celsius

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