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You are an engineer in charge of the development of a small, safety-critical train control system, which must be demonstrably safe and secure. You suggest that formal methods should be used in the development of this system, but your manager is skeptical of this approach. Write a report highlighting the benefits of formal methods and presenting a case for their use in this project.

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Formal methods

The mathematical approach to develop any software by defining a formal model for any application or software is known as formal methods. There are so many advantages of using formal methods. Some of the advantages for using formal methods on safety system of train control are as given below:

1. The system requirements for the train safety system can be fully understood in a detailed and deep manner.

2. As system is expressed in regular language of the country, so, if any incompleteness or inconsistency is coming, then, that can be easy removed.

3. The methods which are developed as formal methods are fully transferred to formal specifications. So, it assures that all the requirements are fully satisfied.

4. The testing cost for the train safety system will also minimize. This is because; the program is already verified for its specifications.

This system can be used in most of the super fast train systems to ensure their safety. As it uses regular language, so, it can be easily understood by the train operators.

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