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It has been suggested that the need for regulation inhibits innovation and that regulators force the use of older methods of systems development that have been used on other systems. Discuss whether or not you think this is true and the desirability of regulators imposing their views on what methods should be used.

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Do regulators force the use of older methods of system development?

Yes, in some cases it is true that regulators forces for using already used or older methods for system development. The main reason for this is that regulators are mostly used in security and safety systems. If the method used to develop new system is already implemented in any system, then, all the drawback of this system can be understood in an effective manner. The new system will free from all such errors which are faced in past. If any system is successfully implemented in past, then, there is no worry to use the features of that system in newly developed system.

Depending on the requirements of the system, sometimes, regulators impose the view of any system by defining the method used for development. In most of the cases, regulators force to use formal method for development. The reason behind this is that the system requirements for the system can be fully understood in a detailed and deep manner.

Regulators use cost effective methods for testing the system. By using formal method, the testing cost for the will also minimize. This is because; the program is already verified for its specifications.

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