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Beliefs about software and the process used to build it- can be traced to the earliest days of computing myths have a number of attributes that have made them insidious.

Management myths: Manages with software responsibility, like managers in most disciplines, are often under pressure to maintain budgets, keep schedules from slipping, and improve quality.

Myth: We already have a book that‘s full of standards and procedures for building software - Wont that provide my people with everything they need to know?

Reality: The book of standards may very well exist but, is it used? Are software practitioners aware of its existence? Does it reflect modern software engineering practice?

Myth: If we get behind schedule, we can add more programmers and catch up.

Reality: Software development is not a mechanistic process like manufacturing. As new people are added,people who were working must spend time educating the new comers, thereby reducing the amount of time spendon productive development effort. People can be added but only in a planned and well coordinated manner.

Myth: If I decide to outsource the software project to a third party, I can just relax and let that firm built it.

Reality: If an organization does not understand how to manage and control software projects internally, it will invariably struggle when it outsources software projects.

Customer myths: The customer believes myths about software because software managers and practitioners do little to correct misinformation. Myths lead to false expectations and ultimately, dissatisfaction with the developer.

Myth: A general statement of objectives is sufficient to begin with writing programs - we can fill in the details later.

Reality: Although a comprehensive and stable statement of requirements is not always possible, an ambiguous statement of objectives is recipe for disaster.

Myth: Project requirements continually change, but change can be easily accommodated because software is flexible.

Reality: It is true that software requirements change, but the impact of change varies with the time at whichit is introduced and change can cause upheaval that requires additional resources and major design modification.

Practitioner’s myths: Myths that are still believed by software practitioners: during the early days of software, programming was viewed as an art from old ways and attitudes die hard.

Myth: Once we write the program and get it to work, our jobs are done.

Reality: Someone once said that the sooner you begin writing code, the longer it‘ll take you to get done.Industry data indicate that between 60 and 80 percent of all effort expended on software will be expended after it is delivered to the customer for the first time.

Myth: The only deliverable work product for a successful project is the working program.

Reality: A working program is only one part of a software configuration that includes many elements.Documentation provides guidance for software support.

Myth: software engineering will make us create voluminous and unnecessary documentation and will invariably slows down.

Reality: software engineering is not about creating documents. It is about creating quality. Better quality Leads to reduced rework. And reduced rework results in faster delivery times.

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