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80386 DX executes the following instruction types:

1. Data movement instructions (general-purpose data movement instructions, stack manipulation instructions and type conversion instructions).

2. Binary arithmetic instructions (addition and subtraction instructions, comparison and size change instructions, multiplication instructions and division instructions).

3. Decimal arithmetic instructions (packed BCD adjustment and unpacked BCD adjustment instructions).

4. Logical instructions (Boolean operation, bit test and modify, bit scan, rotate and shift, byte set ON condition).

5. Control transfer instructions (unconditional transfer, conditional transfer, software-generated interrupts).

6. String and character translation instructions (repeat prefixes, indexing and direction flag control, string instructions).

7. Instructions for block-structured languages.

8. Flag control instructions (carry and direction flag control instructions and flag transfer instructions).

9. Coprocessor interface instructions.

10. Segment register instructions (segment register transfer, far-control transfer and data pointer instructions).

11. Miscellaneous instructions (address calculation, no-operation instruction and translate instruction).

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