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A hospital proposes to introduce a policy that any member of clinical staff (doctors or nurses) who takes or authorizes actions that leads to a patient being injured will be subject to criminal charges. Explain why this is a bad idea, which is unlikely to improve patient safety, and why it is likely to adversely affect the resilience of the organization.

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Resilience organization

The judgement by which any system maintains continuity of systems critical resources during any disruptive event like cyber attack or failure of equipment is known as system resilience. The organization which is adaptable and flexible to use system resilience for protection against any type of attack is known as resilient organization. As hospital is a critical system, but there is also some probability of human errors.

Yes, applying criminal charges to nurses and doctors for taking action for any patient is bad idea. If criminal charges are applied, then, any doctor or nurses will not action for any patient. Doctors and nurses are to save the lives of patients. They don’t take any wrong action intentionally.

For improvement in safety of patient, following points can be considered:

1. A warning for any conflict alert can be displayed on doctor’s screen.

2. The records of patients can be formalized for effective management of patient data.

3. A team can be appointed who will collectively monitor and checks the works of doctors and nurses.

If criminal charges are applied to nurses and doctors for taking action for any patient, the resilience of hospital can’t be maintained. The points to show its affects are as given below:

1. The adaptability and flexibility of hospital system can’t be maintained.

2. Any individual will not take the responsibility to take care of any patient.

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