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Protection of data using defensive layers

It is a common rule that if the system is having more defensive layers, it is more secure. All of these security layers must have to work independently, for better results.

The defensive layers which can be included in any information system for maintaining better security of data items are as given below:

1. User authentication: For using any information system, make a layer of user authentication which will check that the particular user is authorized to access the desired data or not. The information system can maintain system generated user ID and instantly generated password for security of data items.

2. Encryption of data items: The developed information system can encrypt all the data items processed by it. By doing so, id any unauthorized user tries to access the data, he/she will not be able to read it. Some organizations encrypt the entire disk, so that, any information breach can’t be developed.

3. Firewalls: Implementation of firewall can examine the data request as per the rules of organization. The firewall can reject or accept the requests for ensuring the trusted source. By doing so, any information breach can’t be developed.

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