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Explain why process inflexibility can inhibit the ability of a sociotechnical system to resist and recover from adverse events such as cyberattacks and software failure. If you have experience of process inflexibility, illustrate your answer with examples from your experience.

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Process inflexibility of sociotechnical system

The systems which are very complex and not understandable as a whole are known as sociotechnical systems. These systems are divided into layers for better understanding.

Planning of cyber-resilience includes decisions for flexibility or inflexibility of response at the time of any cyber attack. The ability of any sociotechnical system for recovering and resisting any software failure or cyber attack can be inhabited by process inflexibility. The points to show the reasons are as given below:

1. It is well known that confliction in security and a resilience requirement is very often. So, when these requirements conflict, process inflexibility can easily be inhabited.

2. The security and resilience are included in any policy to provide limited access to users. Process inflexibility does the same thing by restricting the system users to follow security policy of sociotechnical system.

3. Process inflexibility will allow limited users to make changes, thus, it can be inhabited in sociotechnical system.

4. Most of the sociotechnical systems are used in government organizations, so, for maintaining user access, process inflexibility can easily be inhabited.

The diagram to show the process inflexibility at user’s work place (hospital) is as given below:



1. If the hospital system is allowed to make operation on data at any time and on any place, security cannot be maintained. Thus, process inflexibility is inhabited to control users for access in the records during their work hours and only at work place.

2. If the time boundaries are removed, no user will maintain the importance of timing. As hospital data is very important, so, process inflexibility is inhabited.

3. The result oriented culture is maintained by process inflexibility, so, it is very important to inhabit it in critical systems like hospitals.

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