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At a larger scale, an ERP system may support all of the manufacturing, ordering, and customer relationship management activities in a large company. ERP systems are used in almost all large companies to support some or all of their functions.

An ERP system supports a range of business functions. 

The key features or functions supported by an ERP system are:

• A number of modules to support different business functions.

• A defined set of business processes, associated with each module, which relate to activities in that module.

• A common database that maintains information about all related business functions.

• A set of business rules that apply to all data in the database.

When deploying a large-scale ERP system in an organization, a company’s processes and operations have to be expressed in the system configuration language, and there may be a mismatch between the concepts in the business and the concepts supported in the configuration language. Also, it is very complex to configure ERP systems as, thousands of tables and reports may have to be defined.

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