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Requirement of adaptors in integrated system

When more than two application systems are combined for performing the requirements of the user, then, that system is called integrated system. To make integrated systems, adaptors are required. 

The points to show the requirement of adaptors in integrated systems are as given below:

1. Adaptors are used to combine the newly developed system with already existing system.

2. Adaptor acts as an API among new system and existing system.

3. For interaction among system components for both the systems, Adaptors are required.

4. In some systems, the output of existing system is required as input to newly developed system, so, in this case adaptors are required.

The points to show the problems for using adaptors in integrated systems are as given below:

1. The exchange of data for integrated system is very big problem. It is possible that the database used in existing system is expired and newly developed system is not providing support to this database.

2. The feature selection of existing system can lead a problem to integrated system. It is possible that some important features are left to include and user requires these features on common bases.

3. Integrated systems always have problems related to performance and functionality. This is because; the appropriate functionalities of any individual system can’t fully optimized by vender.

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