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The following steps can be done to improve code quality, make code more secure and to deploy code in live environment in safe and secure manner.

1) For improving the code quality, focus should be given to reviews. Two level of reviews can be introduced via gerrit tool.

2) For improving the code quality, code guidelines sheet must be floated amongst the new developers.

3) New as well as young developers must go under a session similar to "how to code" as well as "how to write effective code"

4) Retrospection among the development teams must be done from time to time, to increase the work effectiveness as well as to avoid the commonly done coding mistakes.

5) For code security, code repository must have access policies, so that only authentic users can view as well as do check-ins in the code.

6) For securing the company's important code, code accessing devices like PC's as well as laptops must have usb disable. So no one can copy the company's code in their external hard disk or in pen drives.

7) Various test suits must be developed and should be run on daily bases. These test suits will test the fuctionalities of company products.

8) It will be adviced to run all the test cases on a test environment before deploying the actual code on live environment. By doing this we can early catch the code related bugs.

9) New joinees working on live environment, must be given a proper knowledge of live servers and should be allowed to work under the guidance of senior members.

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