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Briefly describe Data Flow diagram in system analysis and design and explain thee types.

With the aid of a diagram discuss the various components of Data Flow diagram in system analysis and design.

Name the two key advantages of factory methods, when compared to constructors.

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A data flow diagram is a graphical representation of how data flows within any given system, with each component performing different functions. Below is an image of the various components.

There are two types of data flow diagrams and these are;

  • Physical dataflow Diagram: This shows the actual implementation of the components within the system.
  • Logical data flow diagram: This focuses more of the idea or concept how data will flow through the system.

Advantages of factory methods over constructors.

  • It improves quality of code, making it more readable.( you can change factory method name, but when using constructors it has to be the same name as the class.)
  • It improves performance by caching.

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