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Thank you for your interest in advertising on CPEN Talk!


CPEN Talk runs a Targeted Direct Ad Campaign through our Ad Partner Ezoic. The Ezoic Ad Server uses Artificial Intelligence to make sure your Ads are shown only at locations where users are most likely to engage with it. This saves you money in advertising costs as you only pay for ad impressions that are very likely to convert. 

We have various Ad Placement Slots on this website currently. Our CPM Rate for Direct Ads is currently set at $2 (Two Dollars). i.e. you pay $2 for 1,000 Ad Views. Your Ad Impressions can be delivered as quickly as possible or evenly over the desired period of time. You also get to choose your preferred location and device types (Web or Mobile) to target the ads to.


  • Get your ad banner designed by a good graphics designer. The dimensions should be similar to the ads you currently see on the website (Box size, Portrait or Landscape).
  • If approved, payment instructions will be sent to you.
  • Your Ad goes live!


October 2022: 26,200 users, 55,333 pageviews. 31 days.

September 2022: 33,687 users, 66,473 pageviews. 30 days.

August 2022: 24,645 users, 46,683 pageviews. 31 days.

July 2022: 31,910 users, 67,089 pageviews. 31 days.

June 2022: 44,496 users, 89,412 pageviews. 30 days.

May 2022: 62,046 users, 113,593 pageviews. 31 days.

April 2022: 64,798 users, 119,525 pageviews. 30 days.

March 2022: 73,618 users, 135,978 pageviews. 31 days.

February 2022: 69,284 users, 125,764 pageviews. 28 days.

January 2022: 63,770 users, 114,948 pageviews. 31 days.

December 2021: 56,683 users, 104,433 pageviews. 31 days.

November 2021: 70,556 users, 142,096 pageviews. 30 days.

October 2021: 61,913 users, 119,571 pageviews. 31 days.

September 2021: 57,498 users, 115,221 pageviews. 30 days.

Looking forward to doing business with you.

Best regards.

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