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Role of “core network” in the 3G cellular data architecture:

• The core network in the 3G network connects radio access network to the public Internet

• The advantage of core network is that the core network works along with components of the existing cellular voice network.

• The existing cellular voice network remains the same. Some necessary cellular data functionality are added in parallel to the existing cellular voice network

• The core network contains two types of nodes. 

They are:

1. Serving GPRS(Generalized Packet Radio Service) support nodes(SGSNs) :

2. Gateway GPRS(Generalized Packet Radio Service) support nodes(GGSNs)

• SGSNs interacts with MSC for that area, to forward datagrams between mobile nodes in the radio access network to which SGSN is attached and GGSN.

• GGSN is as a gateway and it connects multiple SGSNs into the Internet.

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