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A computer’s capability to process more than one task simultaneously is called multiprocessing


In a multiprocessor system, multiple processes all sharing resources operate inside one computer but in multicomputer systems, all processors have their dedicated resources and communicate by some external means.

A multiprocessor system is a single computer that operates with multiple CPUs, and a multicomputer system is a cluster of computers that operate as a singular computer. Multiprocessing environments can operate with CPUs sharing an operating system -- called symmetric multiprocessing -- or with each CPU running an individual instance of the operating system -- called Massively Parallel Processing.



  • Used in embedded motherboard designs
  • Used by Operating systems such as OS/2 for running complex computer programs from IBM.
  • Multiple CPU systems can be used for all general computing tasks, but are usually reserved for the high-end market and intensive uses such as servers and professional video editing because of the high cost.


  • Multicore CPUs are used for any kind of computing and are found in smartphones, tablets, budget laptops and high-end desktops.
  • Additionally, a multiprocessor system can use several multicore CPUs.

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