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The main focus on the building and design of computer architecture are as explained below: 

Computer Organization: Computer organization helps optimize performance-based products. For example, software engineers need to know the processing power of processors, They may need to optimize software in order to gain the most performance for the lowest price. This can require quite a detailed analysis of the computer's organization.

Implementation: The implementation of the computer is also encompassed as part of the architecture, though most may not consider implementation as part of the architecture, but this is need in engineering of hardware components. Implementation is broken down into;

  • Logic implementation
  • Circuit implementation
  • Physical implementation 
  • Design validation

Performance: This plays a key role, performance can be described as instruction per cycle which measures the efficiency of the architecture at any clock frequency; a faster IPC rate means the computer is faster. Older computers had IPC counts as low as 0.1 while modern processors easily reach near 1.

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