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How do you relate the VIEWPOINTS of the stakeholders in MHC-PMS with the outlined CONCERNS, in other to implement and code them into the program to make the program compliant with those restrictions or requirements

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A stakeholder may be defined as individuals or groups of persons who will be affected in some way by the software product you working on. They may exist both within an organization and outside. Stake holders could exist in a wide range of persons such as employees, customers, community and investors just to mention a few, and these various person fall into one or more of the 4 categories of stake holders which are: 

  1. Users
  2. Providers 
  3. Influencers 
  4. Governance 

For a system as advanced as an MHC-PMS (Mental Health Care Patient Management System), stake holders may cover a wide range of groups as well as  individuals and may express some concerns about the proposed system. 

Examples of such concerns may be:

  • Privacy of data of the patients 
  • Ethical guidelines for patient care is met up with 
  • Record keeping procedure is properly implemented 
  • Availability of the MHC-PMS during working hours 
  • Authentication of the users of the MHC-PMS

These are some general concerns that an MHC-PMS should address.

Examples of persons who are MHC-PMS include:

  • Patients whose information is recorded in the system.
  • Doctors who are responsible for assessing and treating patients.
  • Nurses who coordinate the consultations with doctors and administer some treatments.
  • Medical receptionists who manage patients’ appointments.
  • IT staff who are responsible for installing and maintaining the system.

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