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List with explanation five applications of each of the following Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert systems:

1. Forward Chaining Expert Systems

2. Backward Chaining Expert Systems

3. Hybrid Expert Systems

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Some applications of the following expert systems in AI 

  • Forward chaining: used in vast number of fields, forward chaining is used in the design of  production rule systems as well as expert systems which are also used for:
  1. Planning 
  2. Monitoring 
  3. Controlling 
  4. Interpreting 
  • Backward chaining: Backward chaining can be used in design of the following types of applications:
  1. Debugging 
  2. Diagnostics (An example of this is the MYCIN expert system used in recognizing of bacterial infection.
  3. Prescription 
  4. Proof assistant 
  5. Automated theorem provers 
  • Hybrid expert systems:
  1. Medicine 
  2. Military 
  3. Education 

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