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Some common examples of security architecture may include the following:

  • TOGAF: This refers to "The Open Group Architecture Framework". TOGAF architecture helps determine what problems a business entity wants to solve with security architecture, it's primary focus is on the preliminary phases of security architecture, an organization's scope and goal, setting out the problems a business intends to solve with this process.   
  • SABSA: Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture, is a quite policy driven framework that helps define key questions that must be answered by security architecture: who, what, when and why. Its aim is to ensure that security services are designed, delivered and supported as an integral part of the enterprise's IT management. However, while often described as a 'security architecture method', it does not go into specifics regarding technical implementation.
  • OSA: Open Security Architecture, or OSA, is a framework related to functionality and technical security controls. It offers a comprehensive overview of key security issues, principles, components and concepts underlying architectural decisions that are involved when designing effective security architectures. That said, it can typically only be used once the security architecture is already designed.

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