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The four type of embedded systems we have include: 

  • Real Time Embedded Systems:  Real Time Embedded Systems are designed to provide output within a defined specific time. Meaning real time embedded systems are designed and created to perform some specific work in pre-specified time. Real time systems can further be broken down into hard real time and soft real time.
  • Stand-Alone Embedded Systems: Stand-Alone Embedded Systems are systems that can work by themselves with minimal interference from the user or host system i.e. they are self-sufficient and do not depend on a host system. Stand-alone embedded systems are made in such a way that an input is received, processed and thereafter the desired output is produces. Input is received through keyboard, buttons or sensors.
  • Networked Embedded Systems: Networked Embedded Systems are a group of embedded systems that depend on connected network to perform their assigned tasks. These systems consist of components like sensors, controllers etc. which are interconnected. Many of these systems are built on general purpose processors.
  • Mobile Embedded Systems: Mobile Embedded Systems are those that are small sized and can be used in smaller devices. They are used in mobile phones and digital cameras because of the small size. They often have memory constraints and lacks good user interface.

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