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What is the importance of online backup? 

Well below are a few of the importance listed out. 

What is online backup? 

Online backup may simply refers to a means of saving or backing up your already locally saved file on a medium that may not be physically present with you and can be accessed over the internet. These means usually give a platform for which you can get allocated space and save your files with the actual physical storage far away from you.  

Example of online storage may refer to cloud storage systems. A popular online storage provider is Google drive. 

Online storage is important because they provide you with the following:

  • Relatively cheaper alternative for storage and back up
  • Effective means of retrieval of data
  • Protection of data from disasters that could damage your physical hard drive
  • Already built tools for the effective organizing of data according to your taste 

These are just a few to mention, among others such as data encryption, unlimited space options, data versioning, and automated backup.

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