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There are some significant differences between the Hard Disk Drive and the Solid State Drive. some of these differences are highlighted below:

The hard drive uses a spinning disks, used for the reading and writing of data, it also has multiple mechanical parts that make it complicated and easily prone to damage. The Solid state drive on the other hand as the name implies, does not have multiple mechanical parts, but rather uses Integrated circuits for the storage of data.

Due to the fact that they do not also need multiple parts, the size of the SSD can be very small in nature compared to HDD which is bigger.

The SSD happens to be faster than the HDD.

If you want to go for one out the two, SSD would be the better option as they are better in terms of speed, size, and also durability of the disk. The only downside someone might consider is that SSD are costly than HDD, but hey, you get the value for your money and also the prices of SSD are now dropping.

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