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In every project gathering of requirement is important as it plays a key role in the results of the final system that gets to the public. Requirement evaluation may be explained as the entire process of identifying and gathering the need requirements of the system. 

Below are some of these methods: 

  • Interview: Interview serves as a means of getting information and opinion as well as user view on a specific project, of course the right people need to be interviewed. Interview may be one on one  or Group interview.
  • Survey: Or a questionnaire can serve as an effective means of gathering requirements, these survey or questionnaires carry important question and gives users the opportunity to answer ad give feedback. There are multiple tools available online for designing either structured or unstructured questionnaires.
  • Focus Group: This can be explained as a special technique involving a select few who happen to be key individuals in the project, such as employees or participants. They identify problems, speculate outcomes, pull out requirements and even refine already identified requirements.

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