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The goal of every software application out there is to solve a specific problem or provide an easier and automated means of performing a task. Software management during the period of start and finish is tasked with the delivering of a software application that is up to standard. 

A standard software or the standard of software can often be measured by the following criteria:

  • Functionality: Functionality could briefly be defined as what the system does and the purpose of the said system, when it comes to functionality, does the system do its required work? some sub-criteria under functionality are;  Suitability, accuracy, and compliance.
  • Reliability: Reliability is the failure-free operation or function of a system in the specified period of time designated or specified for it to run, and can be explained as a customer-oriented view of software quality.
  • Usability: Usability can be defined as the quality that measures the extent to which specified users of the system can use the product to achieve quantifiable goals or objectives, and the level of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which the system achieves these objectives.
  • Efficiency: In simple terms measuring efficiency would mean the measure of which the system achieves its said task without wasting of precious resources such as CPU power and even user time.
  • Maintainability: With regards to software, maintainability refers to the extent to which a said software can be kept in a running state (functional state), where it performs its tasks and expect, maintenance can be vaguely described as the period a software can be kept alive.  This may refer to how much it is repaired, enhanced, or patches and updates are released.

No software is perfect and from time to time may fall shot of one or more the requirements used for measuring software standard, but an example of a software application that may meet up to standards in more ways than one is the windows 10.

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